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bow seat is the forever badass seat ok
Speeding towards the dock


…especially when you are in bow

Shortest kid in the boat:
Wow this boat is so light!

Tallest kid in the boat (AKA me):
Do you see these bruises? I'm carrying the entire port side of the boat for you. You're welcome.

'A 2k is 80% a mental game and the other 20% is your ability to pull'

Nobody ever took time out in a boat race.  There’s no place to stop and get a satisfying drink of water or a lungful of cool, invigorating air.  You just keep your eyes glued on the red, perspiring neck of the fellow ahead of you and row until they tell you it’s over…Neighbor, it’s no game for a softy.


- Royal Brougham (Past editor of Seattle Post-Intelligencer) after watching the freshman crew team practice at University of Washington  in the 1933.

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Henley Regatta 2013