the beauty of music

kayla. twenty. music performance major. crew.

so the girl in 2 seat decided to catch while the rest of the boat was finishing and hit my in my back with her nails and the oar. it was literally on my spinal chord and i almost broke out in tears and it hurts to even lay down :’(



this is so important

mostly nature

About 50 mysterious baleen whales live in an underwater canyon off the Florida Panhandle, making them the only great whales in the Gulf of Mexico that live there year round. They’ve long been classified as Bryde’s whales but new genetic testing suggests the 50 Gulf whales might be a distinct subspecies of Bryde’s — or a new species altogether. If so, they would be the most endangered species of whale on the planet.
While truly eliminating harm isn’t possible conservationists hope an endangered species listing could at least minimize it enough to help the whales hang on. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) already has a backlog of endangered species candidates, though, and these whales will likely endure a lengthy waiting period before they get any new protections.
The entire process could take two years, but if regulators end up agreeing with the NRDC, it could yield a federal recovery plan and a protected “critical habitat” in DeSoto Canyon for these 50 whales. If that doesn’t happen, though, the population could quietly disappear. Source


Guys seriously would you LOOK at mini Adam Scott from Boy Meets World circa 1994

was this when he was mayor

Modeled after Rome’s famed Temple of Vesta, Ireland’s Mussenden Templewas built by a wealthy earl as his library by the sea, but his desire to create a beautiful piece of cliffside architecture may have been a bit overzealous and the temple has been threatening to topple into the sea almost since it was built. 
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